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Sourcemageddon is a project created by the editor of many gaming related wikis: Trig Jegman. The project serves to fix the issue of the origins of hundreds of files and resources being lost, whether it be to time, limited-release exclusivity, or low popularity. As its own sourcing agent, Sourcemageddon strives to properly deliver the resources to find the origins of images, audio, and video for many media, like video games, movies, and various other manuals, particularly for pre-release or promotional materials. Furthermore, Sourcemageddon will host those materials should they become defunct.

Members of other wikis or websites are encouraged to link back to Sourcemageddon as their source for content they choose to add to their own sites. We of the creative team look to cover as many possible topics as we can, and would love suggestions and requests to be filed under the talk pages of any game already hosted, or under Sourcemageddon talk:Content Requests.